Understanding the Benefits of an Experienced Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

What are Catastrophic Injuries?

The term "catastrophic” can be used to describe a number of different serious injuries from loss of limbs to spinal cord injuries. This leads to confusion for many people as to what constitutes a catastrophic injury as well as what benefits are available in the case that a catastrophic injury is sustained. Catastrophic personal injury lawyers will help you to understand catastrophic injuries and file a claim if necessary.

Catastrophic personal injuries have many negative effects that will impact the injured party’s quality of life. The typical types of catastrophic personal injuries include the following:

·       A full or partial loss of a limb

  • Paraplegia – the impairment of the lower extremities that results in reduced motor or sensory function.
  • Quadriplegia – paralysis or loss of use of all four limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of vision
  • Mental and behavioural impairments

A licensed doctor must diagnose the patient with a serious injury, then complete and submit an Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment. This particular form contains specific legal language and terminology that can be confusing for legal professionals, let alone doctors with no legal training. Many of the tests used to diagnose catastrophic injuries are either neuropsychological or orthopedic, which often require a visit with a specialist. These circumstances can make it very difficult to be properly diagnosed and acquire the required forms to file a catastrophic personal injury claim.

The Value of an Experienced Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

Experienced personal injury lawyers understand the severity of catastrophic personal injuries and the impact these injuries have not only on the life of the injured person, but also on the lives of family members and loved ones surrounding the victim.

In addition to being empathetic to the needs and concerns of the victim, experienced personal injury lawyers have the knowledge to advise victims of their rights based on Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), and expedite the process of preparing all paperwork necessary to submit an applicable claim with the insurance company.

It is common for insurance companies to challenge the validity of a catastrophic personal injury claim and to draw out the process over a long period of time. An experienced personal catastrophic personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge to ensure the victim is able to receive the proper diagnosis by licensed medical professionals as soon as possible and all the proper paperwork is filed in order to pursue the claim.  

The Sokoloff Advantage

Sokoloff Lawyers is a boutique law firm made up of highly experienced lawyers. These lawyers have a proven track record and experience necessary to help clients pursue successful catastrophic personal injury claims with access to the required medical referrals and treatment providers.

Sokoloff Lawyers is a respected name in personal injury law with a reputation of negotiating fair settlements for clients and taking cases to court if necessary. This reputation is extremely beneficial when dealing with insurance companies.

As a true multi-ethnic law firm, Sokoloff Lawyers is proud to offer an extensive array of personal injury law services in over 30 different languages.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious accident, contact a catastrophic injuries lawyer today to discuss the seriousness of the injuries and the options that are available to negotiate your fair settlement.